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100 Things Culchies Love

// March 19th, 2013 // Comments Off on 100 Things Culchies Love // Funny but lame Jokes

This is very funny and for the majority true, its a list of 100 things culchies love.

1. A nice bit of ham
2. Buttered biscuits
3. Diggin Houles
4. Saying it’s too cold to snow
5. Pretending to like Holy Week

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Funny Dog Joke

// November 2nd, 2012 // Comments Off on Funny Dog Joke // Classic Jokes

Talking dog walks into a dole office.

The clerk says, “Oh my God, a Talking Dog – you should definitely get a job in the circus”


The dog says, “The Circus?”… “What would they want with a plumber?”

Photo Books – Printing great Photo Books and Posters

// July 5th, 2012 // Comments Off on Photo Books – Printing great Photo Books and Posters // Interesting

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Sort but funny joke

// May 25th, 2012 // Comments Off on Sort but funny joke // Classic Jokes, Funny but lame Jokes

When I was young, I had to walk the plank.


We couldn’t afford a dog!

Fish Cakes – Joke

// November 28th, 2011 // Comments Off on Fish Cakes – Joke // Classic Jokes, Funny but lame Jokes

A man walks into a fish shop with a fish under his arm and says “Do you have fish cakes?”.

The fishmonger says, sorry, we have no fish cakes today!

The man says, thats a pity, …. its his birthday today !