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100 Things Culchies Love

// March 19th, 2013 // Comments Off // Funny but lame Jokes

This is very funny and for the majority true, its a list of 100 things culchies love.

1. A nice bit of ham
2. Buttered biscuits
3. Diggin Houles
4. Saying it’s too cold to snow
5. Pretending to like Holy Week

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Win a Queen Book – Freddie & Me

// January 3rd, 2013 // Comments Off // Interesting

Win a copy of “Freddie & Me”: A Coming-of-Age (Bohemian) Rhapsody

Freddie & Me is a very well illustrated graphic novel narrating one Queen fans journey through adolescence, that queen fan was Mike Dawson and YOU can win a copy.

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Funny Dog Joke

// November 2nd, 2012 // Comments Off // Classic Jokes

Talking dog walks into a dole office.

The clerk says, “Oh my God, a Talking Dog – you should definitely get a job in the circus”


The dog says, “The Circus?”… “What would they want with a plumber?”

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One of One of my photos has been nominated on the Morris Oil Calendar 2013.

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