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Best April Fools Day Pranks and April Fools Tricks Ever

// March 31st, 2012 // Comments Off // Pranks and Practical Jokes

April Fools Day is a fun time of year and I have collated some of the best April Fools Pranks on the web here.

If your best April Fools Day prank is to cover the toilet seat with cling film then perhaps you might get some inspiration from the April Fools Pranks and Fun below;

April Fools Zone – April Fools Pranks Collection

Kidz World : April fools practical jokes and pranks

Top April Fools Pranks Ever

My Favourite April Fools Day Trick

My Favourite April Fools Day Trick is, if you have a digital camera, take a picture of the toilet seat, then plug in your digital camera into a PC or TV (using TV-out cable) and get the picture of the toilet on screen. When you see people coming out of the toilets, start laughing out loud , clapping and pointing. The person will come and see the picture and think you saw them in there (thus thinking it is a live feed from the toilet) !

What ever you get up to this April Fools Day, remember to be sensible and not to do something which could hurt others. Don’t be a fool yourself!

Getting ready for April Fools Day – Great April Fools Pranks

// March 23rd, 2009 // Comments Off // Pranks and Practical Jokes

April Fools day is approaching and here are some great April Fools Day Pranks.

Here is a teaser

There are many types of Pranks played on April Fool’s Day ranging from the basic prank phonecall to more advanced pranks. Remember, if you are playing a prank on April 1st – once the prank has been delivered, to shout April Fool !!.

These are some pranks and jokes ideal for April Fools Day.

  1. Ring your friend before he / she goes to work and say ” I’m so sorry to hear you got fired ! ” – Act surprised they didn’t know yet.

  2. Wet a tissue with milk and run around holding the tissue to your eye pretending you stuck your pen in your eye, when somebody comes close, squeeze the tissue to make the Milk spurt out all over the place.

  3. Place Cling-film over the toilet seat – an old prank but a good one !

Visit the April Fools Day Pranks for more April Fools Day Fun.